Awana Hub

Vision Statement:

The Awana Hub plans to provide a communal gathering hub for local crafters to gather, create and to sell their work.

Mission Statement:

The Awana Hub will provide local crafters a space which they can collect supplies for their projects, share knowledge and ideas and sell their created goods. This space will create a community of crafters whom enjoy creating as a hobby or creating as a business. It will consist a supply counter for vinyl, heat transfer material and tools for crafters to create. It will consist a working area with cutting machine, printer and iron for crafter to gather and inspire each other with open hours and workshops. It will also consist a market for crafters to display and sell their products to the general public.The initial location is planned in the Greater Toronto Area inside neighbourhood similar to Fashion District or Kensington Market. More hub locations will be planned for future in different towns and neighbourhoods. As each hub will be service crafters of the local area, each market will have a variety of different craft to offer. Our principal competitive edge will be the ability nurture, support and sustain crafters in the local neighbourhood of the hub.

For more information please stay tune.